Children's Education in North Paraguay


In Chaco, North Paraguay, considered to be a semi-arid region, we established a school that welcomes over 50 children every year, from 4 to 10 years old. We also built a church as religion plays an important role in the community. We play our small part in striving to provide constant, quality care for severely at-risk children.

We work to create new educational processes in teaching and learning, on various levels both individual and collective, by providing support via techniques and adequate, personalised study methods.


The Foundation is currently participating in various programmes in South America (Paraguay and Bolivia), Tanzania, Central America and Egypt.


More education for less child labor

Un centre social a ouvert ses portes en octobre 2019, accueillant ainsi 50 petites filles en décrochage scolaire. Une fois qu'elles auront atteint un niveau d'éducation suffisant, elles pourront réintégrer une école classique.


The Bloomberg Philanthropies’s Initiative

We provide birth companionship in supported facilities, especially in the Tanzanian regions of Kigoma, Monogoro and Pawan


Empowering Youth in Bolivia

We work with a dedicated team involved in the reality faced by Bolivian children, empowering them to achieve autonomy, dignity and mastery of their personal destiny.


Orphan Initiatives in Egypt

Our Coptic Orphan initiatives focus on helping provide for children most likely to face the deadly combination of poverty and social injustice.